Living Boat Trust, Franklin

Use this site to book and pay for participation in the Living Boat Trust's tawe nunnugah Raid. You can also use it to pay your membership and buy stuff from the LBT

What's the LBT all about?

The Living Boat Trust is a community organisation dedicated to keeping Tasmania's marine heritage alive - by using it. It aims to maintain traditional boat building, repairing, rowing and sailing skills, and to be a vital part of its community. It celebrates the history and beauty of this area and strives for a sustainable way of life for all concerned.

Where the wooden boat festival never ends.....

It's easy to join the Living Boat Trust

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The Living Boat Trust is based in a shed on the banks of the Huon River in Franklin. Most of our fleet is on the water nearby and ready to go.


3337 Huon Highway, Franklin, TAS 7713

Regular Activities

Monday Night Dinners - cooked by one of our chefs, from about 6:30 PM (but see below)

Last Monday of the month - DIY BBQ (don't expect somebody else to cook)

Workshop - regular maintenance every Tuesday and Thursday

Rowing - various groups at various times

Sailing - as above but a little less frequently